Oxygen requirements for prokaryotes

Yanick Matteau MATTEAU at biopro.polymtl.ca
Wed Sep 11 20:21:43 EST 1996

Hi Shawn,

You need to prepare a mixture with 5% oxygen to cultivate microaerophilic
When you  reduce pressure, you don't change molecule ratio but the number
of molecules changes.

Yanick Matteau, microbiologist
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> I just attended my second lecture to intro to Microbiology. In lecture I
> learned that there are certain bacteria that can only reproduce in an
> oxygen concentration of about 5%.
> Since our atmosphere is about 21% oxygen could you just take a vessel and
> reduce the pressure to .25 atmospheres to achieve this 5%, or is it
> necessary to prepare a special mixture of hydrogen, nitrogen, and the
> required 5% oxygen.  Just curious.

Yanick Matteau
MATTEAU at mac2.ccbpas.polymtl.ca

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