Neisseria strain transport

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>Dear readers:
>We are working with Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains from Guinea-Bissau for
>the past 2 years and having lots of problems with preservation at our
>african lab (only -20 º C) and transportation to Lisbon.In fact, none of
>the methods we used so far gave a result better than 60% of recovery.
>Any help on the subject would be great...(15% improvement would be nice  
>I thank you in advance 
>Luís Távora Tavira
>Intitute of Tropical Medicine
>Lisbon - Portugal

I do not know what kind of time frame you are dealing with, but I
would suggest Transgrow medium slants in glass or plastic bottles.
I would not refrigerate, but keep the cultures at ambient
temperature..assuming it is not over 35C.  If so, use only moderate
cooling. This system is used by most public laboratories in the US and
is the result of much trial and error efforts.  Transgrow will 
generally inhibit contaminates and the media will allow continued
growth of GC...both a advantage to greater violability.  

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