RODAC Plates

Eberhard Kniehl 100674.1442 at CompuServe.COM
Sat Sep 14 01:00:07 EST 1996

RODAC stands for „replicate organism detection and counting”.
RODAC just means, that the flat agar surface is above the edges of 
the dish (so you can press it on flat surfaces) and that there is 
a grid, allowing counting of cfu per cm².
You may use any agar; so when speaking of RODAC plates, you have 
to add which agar you use. Most used agars are differential (f.e. 
CLED, Columbia etc.); except for the detection of  fungi, where 
one may use f.e. Kimmig-agar, and perhaps very specific purposes I 
personally don´t see an application for selective media. 

We use RODAC plates to show bacterial contamination of flat 
surfaces and textiles. I personally like them as a tool for 
education/motivation of clinical staff: what you see is easy to 
understand („look this is bacterial life on your shirt, on your 
telefon, on your light switch” etc). For epidemiological 
questions, the use of swabs (inactivated with Tween etc.), 
sedimentation plates etc. is more effetive and less costly. 

Best wishes 
Eberhard Kniehl
Karlsruhe, Germany 

Eberhard Kniehl
Karlsruhe - Germany

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