HELP! Question on Peptide Surface association:

MikeTEACHR miketeachr at
Sun Sep 15 22:04:45 EST 1996

Im a 1st year grad student taking a course in Advanced Cell Bio. My
background is organismal, so I have a problem since I have to review a
Cell Journal article titled "Peptide-Surface Association: PDZ and PTB
I sure could use help with a sentence that reads: "Regulated protein
assocations govern signal transduction pathways." I think they are talking
intracellular signaling, but can someone give me a bit more, and explain
HOW the associations govern the signals, unless its a simple
strucure/function thing.
Also can someone help to distinguish peptide-peptide from peptide-surface
assocations in regards to this, or point to someone who could help.
Im not looking for a freebie here. Feel free to email me, or email number
if you can talk. THANX  Mike Black   miketeachr at

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