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Wed Sep 18 16:27:49 EST 1996

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996 pjareo at wrote:

> Just a thought, and I'm no mechanic.  With the high pressures and
> temperatures inherent in the pistons of an engine, engine temperature
> regulated by various thermostats and cooling systems, and control of the
> water content in gasoline, why would the climate have anything to do with
> how the gasoline-ethanol blend is combusted?  Lots of ethanol is made from
> good ol' corn in the midwest, btw.  It's an important aspect of farming in
> this area, vital to the economy.  :-)  (Of course, my car doesn't like
> it!)
> Patti Jareo
> > 
 I found when I lived in a colder climate (Minnesota and so far upstate 
New York that the only decent radio stations are from Canada) that 
alcohol in the gas obviated the need to add "Heet" or some similar gas 
treatment to my car. Otherwise water would get into the gas and cause my 
car not to function well. When the car is sitting is when the water 
accumulates, not when it is running.


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