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    To remove ammonium from water two alternative microbiological processes
    are used.First one is nitrification .It is multistage aerobic bacterial
    oxidation of an ammonium to nitrate.Second one is an anaerobic reduction
    of nitrate to nitrogen.

    We have found one step microbiological process which can named as
    deammonification.It is bioremoval of an ammonium as the complex with
    iron hydroxides formed during bacterial oxidation of ferrous. See below
    the  references  with the description of "deammonification" process.

     Ivanov V.N.,Prakitsin  Sihanonth  and Piamsak Menasveta.
     Multistage biofiltration for removal of ammonium  from
     aquacultural  water.Water Resources Journal,1996 .

     Ivanov, V.N.,Sihanonth, P. and Menasveta, P.
     Multistage-ferrous-  modified-biofiltration  for removal of
     ammonia  from aquacultural water. Proc.of the  Asia-Pacific
     Conference  on  Sustainable  Energy and Environmental Technology,
     19-21 June 1996,Singapore.  World  Scientific  Publishing,pp.57-63,

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