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Fri Sep 20 08:38:45 EST 1996

Hi, Xaran.

Yes, it is actually possible that he has a very effective fermenter in his
microflora.  He may also be eating one!  One  of the professors here at
Creighton loves to tell the story of this poor man he knew that kept
getting fired from jobs because he was drunk by noon every day.  The only
problem was that he didn't drink!  Come to find out, he was on a health
food kick, and was eating some kind of yeast cakes or something.  Yup!  He
had his own little 37C fermentation vat running full steam ahead, and was
thoroughly soused by 11AM!  I'm not sure what kind of yeast (I would be
most suspicious of yeast) would set up nicely as normal flora and be that
fermentative, but I certainly would NOT discount it.  In the meantime: low
sugar diet, I guess!  :-(  There are very effective antiyeast agents that
work very nicely to clean out the GI tract without affecting bacteria,

Good luck to your friend!

On Fri, 20 Sep 1996, Xaran wrote:

> I was wondering about a particular friend of mine who seems to have the
> capability of being able to turn glucose into alcohol! 
> 	After eating a packet of jelly beans this particular gentleman
> actually does exhibit the effects of drinking alcohol and actually has a
> blood alcohol reading despite not drinking any. 
> 	Is it possible that he has as part of his natural microflora oa
> fermentative microbe that produce the ethanol and thus affecting him as it
> passes through the small intestine.
> 	Thanks- Xaran.

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