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Roy Markussen roy at miclis.no
Tue Sep 24 02:59:41 EST 1996

Chris Venema wrote:
> With todays rate of increase in name changing of bugs and classifications
> I'm wondering if anyone can give me a current definition of a coliform?
> Besides being oxidase negative, non spore forming, lactose fermentive
> gram negative bacteria.
> Also are any of the following classed as coliforms Serratia, Hafnia,
> Kluyvera, Leclercia, and Adecarboxylata. I have heard that some Hafnia
> are classed as coliforms and some are not???
> As a bonus question does anyone know what the differences between E.coli
> and E.coli inactive are besides one being lazier than the other.
> Thanks in advance for any info.

In Norway the definition still is;

Gram negative, oxidasenegative rods who can produce acid and gass from lactose at 37 
degrees celcius.

The definition of presumptive E.coli is as above, but incubated at 44,5 degrees celcius, 
and in addition the production of indole from trytophane.

The definition of confirmative E.coli is as above, but in adddition;

Methylred positive
Voges Proskauer negative
Urea negative

Hope this covered most of your questions!

Roy Markussen
Næringsmiddeltilsynet i Tønsberg

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