Glycerol in Freezing media -Reply

Ted Snazelle Snazelle at MC.EDU
Wed Sep 25 08:48:20 EST 1996

Years ago I would mix antisera 1:1 with glycerol and then store in the
freezer until needed.  Supposedly the glycerol prevented ice crystal
formation which would have disrupted the structure of the
immunoglobulins.  The 1:1 mixture of antiserum and glycerol does not
freeze in the freezer.  As to what really happens with cells, I can only
presume the same might be true, i.e. minimizing ice crystal formation.  I
routinely store bacterial cultures in a glycerol -broth mixture over sterile
glass beads in the freezer.  The mixture does freeze; however, I readily
activate bacterial cultures stored this way for at least two years in my

Ted Snazelle
Mississippi College

>>> Louis Geller <bbbbd at> 09/25/96 01:48am >>>
	I was wondering exactly it is necessary to have glycerol in
freezing medium for bacteria, yeast, and animal cells.
	Exactly how does the glycerol protect the cells?
	Thanks in advance,
	Louis Geller...
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