Horror Story

Louis Geller bbbbd at sprynet.com
Sat Sep 28 02:17:45 EST 1996

Dear Nicolle,

	I would suggest that you focus on either baceteria or viruses, not

	Try to get your nahds on a good General Microbiology Textbook.  Also,
check out a site called Cells Alive.
 Here is the URL:  http://www.comet.chv.va.us/quill/
		This site has many good starting points and links to other articles
and things like that.
	Antibiotic Resistance is definitely a hot topic nowadays.  You may also
try AltaVista (a good web search tool).  You can search the web with
this and also USENET newsgroups.
	For other topics, you may try that fatal strain of E. coli, 0157:H7. 
If you want something a little les gorey, perhaps Helicobacter pylori
which is now known to cause ulcers.

	Good Luck,

	Louis Geller
	Graduate Student and Teaching Associate

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