A problem culturing luminous marine bacteria in the lab can anyone help!

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Mon Sep 30 02:30:17 EST 1996

In article <DyApHJ.E7x at cf.ac.uk>, trimby at cf.ac.uk wrote:
>I'm trying to work with marine luminous bacteria, vibrio 
>and photobacterium phosphoreum. The problem is in the 
culturing/storage I 

	I've always had trouble culturing those dudes, but my 
brother Mick seems to have a knack for getting bugs of all types 
to grow.  He isolated lumenescent bacteria routinely from squid 
and ocean fish.  Make sure the animals haven't been packed in ice, 
though.  It kills the bacteria.

		NH4Cl  0.1 gm
		K2HPO4  0.5 gm
		MgSO4   0.01 gm
		glucose  0.4 gm
		H2O    100 ml

		Adjust pH to 7 with HCl, then supplement with 
0.05gm of arginine prior to autoclaving.

	A complex medium can be prepared as follows:

	yeast extract  0.2%
	peptone   0.8%
	glycerol  2.0%
	NaCl	3.0%

	The organisms grow on this medium with a doubling time of 
33 min at 31C if the medium is aerated.  These organisms may also 
grow well on BHI with 3% salt.  All this info is from notes my 
brother sent me many years ago when I was in college.  
Lumemescence is a function of exposure to air, so swirling a flask 
culture will cause it glow brightly for a few minutes and then dim 

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