Are you not thinking of the proper way for microbial identification in clinical setting?

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Mon Sep 30 13:54:47 EST 1996

Bacteria for instance are always having something genetically new in their
chromosome as well as plasmid. It could be a product of evolution,
recombination, or transformation. That is why they produce symptoms that
the doctors cannot recognized. And because they are toxic the patient dies
before the proper antibiotic is given. And because this is new, thus a new
disease so an excuse!
Another problem with these bacteria is that when they mutate the automated
machines have to "mutate" too, thus adjusting to all of these (they call
these further studies especially among assayist) but there is really no
scientific fruition in here. Adjusting to the call of the machines!

It would be nice if we can have a Genetic Sequencing of the bac. genome
and identify the genes that the species level is based upon and also
identify the genes that were added or recombined and recognize the toxic
ones. In this way we would not always change our automated machines into
new ones. And besides this gives the Best Pateint Care!

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