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>*!~ Nicolle Hamilton ~!* wrote:
>> To be short, I am doing an informative on antibiotic resistance and need a
>> horror story (or a source in which I can find one) about a bacterial
>> infection...
>> The start of my speech at the present is a clip about Ebola, and then I go
>> into general microbial info and then into antibiotic resistance (the bulk
>> of the speech).
If you are doing a speech on antibiotic resistance, Ebola is not the way
to go.  Ebola is caused by a virus, and therefore antibiotics will not
do anything to it.  Instead, you should pick a disease caused by bacteria.
Recently, many antibiotic resistant TB strains have surfaced (and pose a
major threat to people with depleted immune systems such as cancer patiens
or people with AIDS).  You could also talk about cholera outbreaks in
Africa, or the bubonic plague outbreak in India in the fall 1994.  Good luck
on your speech.

Brian Labus
blabus at expert.cc.purdue.edu

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