How do I find an "old" bacterium?

Allen Black mdcabl at
Mon Sep 30 22:37:12 EST 1996

Hi all,
I have run across a rather obscure reference to a bacterium isolated in
1956 that attacks Candida albicans, and I wish to obtain it.
Akiba, T and Iwata, K. On the destructive invasion of a new species,
"Bacterium candidodestruens" into Candida cells. 1954. Japanese Journal of
Experimental Medicine. 24(3) pp.159-166 
I have sent a letter to the University of Tokyo, Dept. of
Bacteriology(sic), but I suspect the authors may be retired or deceased. I
have checked ATCC but it was never deposited there. Does anyone have this
bacterium (pigmented gram negative  rods) or know how I can go about
locating it? Please e-mail replies since I do not regularly read this
newsgroup. Thanks!


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