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Fri Apr 4 10:31:35 EST 1997

Bregeon Damien wrote:
>    Does anybody know which are the best conditions to transform an E.coli
> strain growing in a minimal media. I would like to use the Hanahan method
> because I can't use the electric transformation.
> Thanks in advance.
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> BREGEON Damien
> Institut Jacques MONOD
> 2, Place Jussieu 75251 Paris cedex05
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It might be worthwhile asking this question in
bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts since it seems to be more concerned with
molecular biology. What are you trying to transform your E. coli with?
Which strain of E. coli are you using? Does electroporation not work
because you have tried it or is it known not to work with your strain?

Sorry if I am asking so many questions but it might be helpful if you
provide some additional background information.

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