FMD vaccine needed

William Chang wthc at
Fri Apr 4 06:43:34 EST 1997

Latest revision by the government of ROC: They are now inviting parties
> to particiapte in a bid to supply FMD vaccine accroding to the following
> specs:
> quantity: 5,700,000 doses in bottles or vials no larger than 125 doses
> each.
> Method of manufacturing: Cell Culture
> Serotype: Containing O1 subtype of at least one of the following viral
> strain:
>         O BFS, O Manisa, O Hong Kong 6/83, O India 58/79, O 4174, and O Campos.
> Immunogenic Property: Maintain immunity in animal for at least six
> months after inoculation.
> Location of production: Must be produced in establishments conforming to
> European or American GMP regulation. Appropriate documents needed: GMP
> facility license, product license, testing procedure, standard of
> Identity, permit to export, etc.
> Stability: must be valid for at least six months.
> Shipping: Cold chain must be maintained duiring transportation and
> delivery.

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