Worlds’ Smallest, Humidity and Temperature data logger available.

Norman Carlson madgetech at
Thu Apr 3 22:45:05 EST 1997

Worlds’ smallest, reusable battery operated, Humidity and 
temperature data logger available.

MadgeTech introduces the RHTemp101 Humidity and Temperature Recorder, a
cost effective, next generation humidity and temperature data logger. 
The RHTemp101 is the latest addition to a series of miniature,
economical, battery powered intelligent temperature dataloggers. The
RHTemp101 is a stand-alone device used to automatically record 4096
humidity and 4096 temperature simultaneously.  It measures humidity
levels ranging from 20 to 95% and temperature measurements from -40 deg
F to +165 deg F.  Its real-time clock insures all data is time and date
stamped. Its reading rate can range from 1 per 15 seconds to 1 per day. 
Price $169 ea.  For more information refer to our web page located at

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