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Theresa Williams draco at vt.edu
Fri Apr 4 11:16:58 EST 1997

My news reader software won't let me read from bionet.jobs.wanted, 
(says it's empty or not there) so email replies please.

I am a biology major (junior) at Virginia Tech, looking for a lab 
assistant type job in biology, preferably genetic engineering, if not 
that then anything in microbiology. Background: I have an in major qca of 
3.292, have taken honors biology and lab, cell/molecular biology, 
genetics,and currently taking general microbiology and lab. 

Reference: My microbiology prof can be reached at <clausgw at edtech.vt.edu> 
(G. William Claus) 

When: I have already accepted a job at a (plant) nursery for this summer 
through thanksgiving, so I will be available from a few days after 
thanksgiving until mid december. Then I have class in the spring; so 
unless I post saying the nursery job I thought I had is unavailable, I am 
looking for something in summer to possibly fall 1998. (If you have any 
positions open this summer, email me, and I will think about cancelling 
with the nursery)

Where: Within an hour's drive of Blacksburg, VA, US, since I live here; 
unless you can pay me enough to move elsewhere. 

draco at vt.edu
"The meek shall inherit the earth, and the bold will go to the stars"

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