??Gram positive tranposons

David Atlas iatlasd at info.curtin.edu.au
Mon Apr 7 01:54:51 EST 1997

"DRMitton" <cesium at prostar.com> wrote:
>Have recently read article wherein mycoplasma DNA was tagged using 'gram
>positive transposons.' I can find no info on this type of transposon. Is
>this a transposon from a gram - bac? If so, why would the transposon be
>unique? Thanks.
I did'nt quite get the bit about "gram - bac". I presume you mean is the transposon from gram negative bacteria. As for looking for gram pos bacteria, well there are plenty of them. If you are doing a Medline search, then you need to search for specific transposons or transposons in general. Various transposons are found in gram pos and gram-neg bacteria.

Examples of transposons found in gram pos bacteria include; Tn4001,
Tn3854, Tn5404, Tn4003. The one found in the mycoplasma article you were reading is either something they have found themselves, or else it has been researched previously. If you can, try searching for its name.

It is perhaps not too surprising to find transposons from bacteria in other genuses and species, since they have been shown to move around quite a bit and many have origins in obscure bacteria.

Hope this has been of some help

David Atlas

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