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>It would be easy enough to test. Most likely it does. I have used the
>microwave to sterilize soil and it does that quite well

I find it hard to believe you can sterilize soil with microwaves.

Microwaves had little effect (less than one log reduction) on bacteria in food such as meat, until we:
1.  Lowered the pH to 4.5 or less
2.  Saturating the air and medium with water to near 100% RH
3.  This still had no effect on _Bacillus_spores.  We got less that one log reduction and we were shooting for a 6 log reduction.

Are the soil _Bacillus_ killed?  Or, just "viable but not culturable" (VBNC)? 

What are the critical parameters required to achieve kill? e.g., pH, humidity, time, bioburden.  

How many log reductions do you get?  

What is the D-value?

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April 8, 1997
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