Vernitron Autoclave Upgrades

Albert Labossiere alabossi at UVic.CA
Wed Apr 9 10:54:17 EST 1997

I manage a technical support centre in a University teaching and
research Biochemistry and Microbiology Department.  We have seven
Vernitron Better Built autoclaves that we bought in 1986 shortly
before Vernitron was acquired by Amsco.  Some parts of the control
systems are now obsolete and a number of components are either
unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

I understand that Amsco and other companies will refurbish Vernitron
autoclaves by providing new control packages for them.  I'm wondering
if anyone in the group has had any experience with this issue.  If so
I would appreciate hearing about the pros and cons of the upgrade, the
company that was used, the post conversion level of satisfaction etc.

I am also interested in wheter there is a group that focuses on
Biochemistry & Microbiology instrumentation issues.

You may respond to the group or email me at alabossi at

Thanks in advance

Albert Labossiere

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