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Tue Apr 8 23:35:12 EST 1997

Ph.D. position available in the Microbiology Institute ETH Zürich,

Topic: Characterization of a novel sulfate-regulated desulfonative
mono-oxygenase system in Pseudomonas putida S-313.

We are seeking a motivated and talented student to undertake doctoral
studies in a group studying the utilization of organosulfur compounds by
bacteria, and its regulation as part of the sulfur cycle. The doctoral
research project will investigate the biochemistry and genetics of
desulfonation of aromatic sulfonates in Pseudomonas putida. Aromatic
sulfonates are manmade compounds (e.g. detergents and dyestuffs), but may
also be involved as sulfonated lignins in natural soil cycling. P. putida
removes the sulfur from these compounds using a monooxygenase system, whose
expression is strongly repressed by inorganic sulfate. The specific aims of
the doctoral thesis are to characterize this novel oxygenase at an
enzymatic level, and to study the genetic mechanism(s) by which sulfate
causes repression of this system. Candidates should hold a Master's Degree,
and a background in biochemistry and/or molecular genetics is of advantage.

To obtain further information, please contact either Dr. Michael Kertesz 
(tel: +41-1-632 3357; e-mail: kertesz at or Prof. T.
Leisinger (tel: +41-1-632 3324; e-mail: leisinger at


Michael Kertesz

ETH-Microbiology,				tel: +41-1-632 3357
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