A writer's questions

Mark Mozden 72012.1130 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Apr 10 17:55:37 EST 1997

	Hi, I'm a techno-y writer with the following questions for any kind
hearted soul-in-the-know to answer in this busy medium:
1) How many electron microscopes are there at Harvard, and what 
departments own them? 
2) What is the approximate similarity in DNA content of a human to a
3) Is there a new/better "truth serum," beyond Thiopental?
4) What is the name of a good coffee shop where scientist types are 
likely to hang around and get wired in Cambridge?

	If you have even one answer, I'd love to hear it, and I appreciate 
your time! Post note, or preferably email me at:
72012.1130 at Compuserve.Com
	Thanks, -Mark Mozden

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