addendum - Re: Killer mold or Killer vaccine?

Yersinia yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET
Sat Apr 12 12:24:34 EST 1997

Dr. Frank A. Eldredge writes,

> Shirley,
>I know you have this thing fixed in your own mind, and I will not
>try to convince you otherwise; but the real data done by independent
>researchers  at good universities  (not by the drug companies)
>still shows the vaccine program to be the most effective
>and realistic course for the health of our society and its

I completely agree with you, Dr. Eldredge, about both the futility of 
trying to persuade certain people to change an erroneous belief by citing 
facts, and (now) obviously the value of vaccination in disease 
prevention, but if I may I would like to  add my two cents here about the 
drug companies: Without them (and their data), who would manufacture the 
vaccines and other medicines used (generally successfully, might I add) 
to prevent and treat many illnesses which cause misery and/or death in 
the individuals who contract them? So they're out for a profit? Sure they 
are, but who works for free? Would you? 


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