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Gary Lum Gary.Lum at CASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au
Sat Apr 12 23:31:46 EST 1997

Karl Roberts wrote:
> Dear micro student,
>         As a professor of microbiology preparing to give his own students
> a very similar pair of unknown organisms, I can tell you that you really
> should not be asking for someone to help.  The whole reason we assign
> unknowns is to help you develop the critical thinking skills necessary
> for you to apply the techniques you have been taught in the laboratory to
> real world situations.  Since it is likely that you are being evaluated,
> I will not offer you any more than I would to my own students who will
> shortly be doing the same thing: You have been given the tools and
> methods to identify your organisms. Use every resource you have calmly and
> with reason and you will find the answers to your questions.

Good on you Karl

There are so many resources available to students.  The easiest being
that big building with all the books.  Secondly, other resources include
people like me who are willing to help students think but not give the

Get out from behind and screen, stretch your legs and look up a book.



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