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It may be convenient for students to use Internet, but requests 
of this kind should be avoided.

You surely face 1 000 000 different species of bacteria.
The CCUG has probably examined >2000 different organisms during 
30 years - and we se at least two new (=unpublished) organisms 
per week.

Since you have been able to cultivate the organisms, you may rule 
out 99% of the names, and since you teacher knows the answer, the 
number of names to consider is <1000 if you teacher is a 
taxonomist, and <100 on a lower level.

Schools often use Micrococcus luteus and Serratia marcescens, but 
you are not talking about pigment ? A teacher will probably avoid 
Staphylococcus ?

Gram+ cocci  -> try catalase and anaerobic incubation
Gram-,motile,oxidase- -> Enterobacteriaceae (Escherichia coli ?) 
Try indol

and take a look at www.ccug.gu.se. The names are surely there !


      Dear Micro genius:

             I am desperatly in need of help with my Unknown microorganisms.
  I have A) Gram positive cocci     B) Gram negative rods
I have gone so far as to identify the Gram- to be Motile, Oxidase-.
I would like to know what other tests are necessary to identify the exact 
microorganism. Please Write me back  ASAP . My  experiment is due on Tue.

                                                        Thank you so much for
your help



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