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We are a free service to you.  If you find that the internet is a
clutter of information, and you don't have a month of Sundays to
go looking for New and Unique offers.  We are your solution!
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The below are just two examples of which may be of interest to you.
We honor all request for removal from our mailing list, just type
REMOVE in the subject heading.
                     INTERNET BREAKTHRU!!!
                        Work from home!
                    Licensed in 33 countries
                $500-$1200 P/T  $2000-$6000 F/T
                       Start immediately!
                    Full Business training
                        Paid vacation!
                    Bonuses based on merit
                          Reply Now!
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 No Credit, Bad Credit,Divorce, Bankruptcy, Just Starting Out?
                         NO PROBLEM!
       You can be approved for a credit line of $2000.00
                     By becoming a member.
                     For more information
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