Ethics of Genetic Engineering

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Sun Apr 13 19:12:56 EST 1997

        Hi.  I have to write a 10 page paper in English and I have 
decided to do it on the Ethics of Genetic Engineering.  Can anyone give me any 
sources that I can find information on this topic?  
           I am first telling what genetic engineering is and then I tell the 
consequences of it-such as genetic discrimination due to having a gene for a 
certain disease and human cloning.  I also talk about the human genome project 
and genetic recombination.  I also want to talk about the possibility of someone 
genetically creating a deadly virus to kill people.
           Any sources of information on any of the topics I talked about above 
would be help-including how it works, the consequences, what organisms are used 
to transfer the genes-would be helpful. Sources such as journals, books, 
Internet...would be helpful.  Can you please just e-mail me your reply please 
instead of just posting in on the newsgroup.  Thank you very, very much.

Nanda Somarajan
somarank at
somarank at
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