Gram- sporulation?

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Tue Apr 15 03:03:00 EST 1997

Sean Rollins wrote:
> I was recently asked a question and wasn't sure of the answer. Are 
> there any Gram- species that undergo sporulation? If any one has 
> any help, it would be appreciated. Thankyou in advance.

Hi Sean,

this maily depends on the definition for "sporulation"
You will accept. Wether it is the engulfment of a daughter cell,
just like the model of Bacillus subtilis teaches (Errington, 1993,
Microbiol. Rev. 57:1-33) 	or 
if You consider it (the ecological definition) the formation
of resistant durant forms surviving harsh environmental conditions 
over long periods of time.

The first definition will not fit to gram- because of detailes
in the morphology of the process.
If You will accept the second one You will learn from Tom Cross´
beautiful review much about baterial durant forms all over the 
bacterial kingdom (Cross, 1970, The diversity of bacterial spores,
J. Applied. Bacteriology 33:95-102).

Finally there is an example for a surprisingly analogous sporulation
mechanism in the gram-, but obligate intracellular rod Coxiella
burnetii you will find an image in Bergey´s manual of systematic
bacteriology. More convincing electron microscopic and immunologic
evidence you could find in all the works of Tom McCaul that were 
not sufficiently taken valuable by the scientific public, because
he is some kind of strange guy. But be ensured he is sympathic very
open in correspondence and profound enough so he will not publish
results he isn´t absolutely sure of:
McCAUL, T. F. & WILLIAMS, J. C. (1981). Developmental cycle of Coxiella
burnetii: structure and morphogenesis of vegetative and sporogenic
differentiation. J. Bacteriol. 147: 1063-1076.
Antigenic differences among Coxiella burnetii morphological cell types
revealed by postembedding immunelectron microscopy and immunoblotting.
Infect. Immun. 59: 3243-3253.
McCAUL (1991). The developmental cycle of Coxiella burnetii. In:
Williams, J. C. & Thompson, H. A. (eds.). Q fever: The biology of
Coxiella burnetii. CRC Press. Boca Raton, Florida, USA. 223-258.

Hopefully Your Question is answered with all this,
kind regards,


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