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Jim Kling jkling at nasw.org
Wed Apr 16 05:30:10 EST 1997

Hello all-

I am writing a product 'research needs' review in the HPLC area for 
The Scientist ( magazine.  I would like to get 
comments from researchers (industry, academic, professors, graduate 
students -- anyone familiar with HPLC systems) on the trends and 
changing research needs in HPLC systems.  The following questions give 
a sense for the kind of comments I'm looking for, but I'd love to hear 
any comments you may have.  Please respond to jkling at nasw.org, and 
indicate your full title and specialty (molecular biologist, etc) so 
that I can quote you appropriately.  

I need to hear from you by Monday, April 28th at the very latest, as 
that is my deadline for this piece (the sooner, the better!)


What HPLC methods (FPLC, size exclusion, ion exchange, affinity, etc) 
are gaining in popularity?  Why?  What methods are falling out of 
favor?  Again why?

Same question as above for the types of colums and packing materials 
that are available.  

What features on an HPLC instrument do you value the most?  What 
accessories (ie, autosamplers, fraction collectors, etc)?  Why?

What features or accessories would you really like to see that are not 
commonly available in HPLC instruments?

Again, please respond to jkling at nasw.org with your full name, title 
and specialty.  Thanks!

Jim Kling
science/medical writing
Bellingham, WA 
jkling at pacificrim.net 

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