Bacillus species!!!

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> Subject: Bacillus species!!!
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> Date:    1997-04-16 17.28
> I'm starting a new project with Bacilus species, they have been isolated
> from African fermented foods. If anybody knows cheap and reliable methods
> to identify them please tell me. I'm right now thinking about some
> molecular methods, API tests, and other kind of tests for sugars... but
> I'm not sure what's the best. All opinions are wellcome.
> Thanks


	Metabolic test systems such as Biolog or API, and the fatty acid based
MIDI system (from Hewlett-Packard) are simple and reliable.  The first
problem is that these systems were designed for pathogens, and their
databases are preponderantly pathogens.  I have heard that recently they
have entered more environmental isolates.  The second problem is that
there are many more bacterial "species" than have been or possibly ever
be cataloged.  

	16s rRNA sequencing would be the prefered method, if you can afford

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