Bacillus species!!!

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Wed Apr 16 19:56:58 EST 1997

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>I'm starting a new project with Bacilus species, they have been isolated 
>from African fermented foods. If anybody knows cheap and reliable methods 
>to identify them please tell me. I'm right now thinking about some 
>molecular methods, API tests, and other kind of tests for sugars... but 
>I'm not sure what's the best. All opinions are wellcome. 

If you are certain the isolates are Bacillus species you could try this 

Logan NA and Berkeley RCW, (1984) "Identification of Bacillus strains using 
the API system."  Journal of General Microbiology. 1984, 130: 7, 1871-1882

The authors identification of Bacillus species is based on spore morphology 
and the carbohydrate tests in API 20E and API 50CHB strips.    
Hope this helps,

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