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REDRIVR redrivr at
Wed Apr 16 19:52:28 EST 1997

Dear Peter,

     We are Red River Scientific, a small company based in Plano, Texas,
USA that specializes in all sorts of innovative products for microbiology
and parasitology.  We represent a company called Scientific Device Labs,
that has a kit called "Snap N' Digest."   The kit consists of either 75 or
150 ml plastic bottles of NaOH/Na Citrate solution with a encased glass
ampule of NALC floating inside.

    To use, simply squeeze the bottle to break the ampule, and you have an
instant sputum digestant reagent.  The kits are packaged 10 bottles/box,
and include 5 packets of dry TB Buffer powder (pH 6.8) for use in diluting
the specimen after digesting it.   Prices are VERY competitive.

    For complete information, please send an e-mail with your address to
REDRIVR at, or phone us at (800) 862-8345 or (972) 618-8967.

     Thank you.

Jim Roberts,   Red River Scientific

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