eggs safety

LawsonSC lawsonsc at
Thu Apr 17 16:40:45 EST 1997

As a food microbiologist I see very little reason not to use raw eggs in
cooking as long as you take reasonable precautions.  As long as the
reciepts are cooked in a timely manner and not left out at room
temperature there should not be a problem.  
I am not as comfortable eating raw cookie dough as I once was, but
Salmonella is not a new organism.  I really subscribe to the therory that
my grandparents survived without all of this new "science phobias" so can
I.  I do not believe that one should discount new saftey information but
parinoia can only go so far.  So if your food handling is not sloppy your
chance for illness is minimal.  Pay attention to local news so if an
outbreak occurs in your area be even more careful but don't go over board.

As for Oregon the egg producers check for pathogens that may contaminate
thier products, at least the company we buy from does.

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