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>>I'm starting a new project with Bacilus species, they have been isolated 
>>from African fermented foods. If anybody knows cheap and reliable methods 
>>to identify them please tell me. I'm right now thinking about some 
>>molecular methods, API tests, and other kind of tests for sugars... but 
>>I'm not sure what's the best. All opinions are wellcome. 

>If you are certain the isolates are Bacillus species you could try this 

>Logan NA and Berkeley RCW, (1984) "Identification of Bacillus strains using 
>the API system."  Journal of General Microbiology. 1984, 130: 7, 1871-1882

>The authors identification of Bacillus species is based on spore morphology 
>and the carbohydrate tests in API 20E and API 50CHB strips.    

I can recommend this route (especially having done my PhD with Dr Berkeley) 
and also tried this on B. stearothermophilus.  It is relatively cheap, approx 
£10 per sample although you will have to check with API (API-bioMerieux Ltd, 
Grafton Way, Basingstoke, Hamps Tel +44 (0) 1256 461881).


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