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Dear Bernie (and Jeff),
	About one of every three egg producing chickens is likely to be 
infected by Salmonella.  As to entry, the organism can penetrate the 
still-soft egg shell while it is still forming in the chicken.  Birds and 
reptiles can harbor and pass this genus easily through such a route, 
since they pass eggs, urine and feces all through the same area, called 
the cloaca (Latin for "sewer").  It is not suprising then that they can 
serve as reservoirs.  However, as  the last posting by our helpful food 
microbiologist friend pointed out, one should not be overly paranoid (I 
was raised on a farm myself, and eggs were rather fresh and plentiful) as 
long as proper food handling and common sense cleanliness is maintained.  
So, cook 'em and eat 'em. Hope this helps.

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> jlmiller at (Jeff L. Miller) wrote:
> Out of curiosity, where are the Salmonella contamination points?
> Surely the newly laid eggs aren't infected.
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