Advice to a "budding" micro student

Maggy2Tone maggy2tone at
Sat Apr 19 15:51:50 EST 1997

To all the kind professional of this newsgroup:

I'm graduating from high school this year and am extremely interested in
becoming a microbiologist with special focus in virology.  My question to
all of you is:   what should I be looking for with regards to college
majors and job experiences to prepare me for study of this nature?  I have
been accepted to Penn State University under their Microbiology program
but I'm not sure if I should make this my major or if it would be more
beneficial at this stage to pursue a molecular bio major instead. Many
questions that need to be answered by those in a position to know!

I would greatly appreciate input from as many people as possible with
details about majors, colleges that were attended (comments on them as
well), courses that should be taken specifically for a career of this
nature, post-graduate studies, internships (where to find them and with
whom), and basic steps that I can take at this age that will guide me to
my goal.

Thank you.

Jackie Killian-------  Maggy2Tone at

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