Help required with Sulphate-reducing bacteria

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	It would be helpful if you described what problem you were having, and
what your background/level of education was.  

	In my limited experience with SRBs, the most critical parameter was
oxygen.  They are killed by redox states that other anaerobes grow fine
in.  Using resazurin (sp?) as a redox indicator is useful, but media
reduced enough to indicate with resazurin may not be reduced enough for

	We provided oxygen-free nitrogen by passing it over a bed of copper
turnings at 400 deg C.  The copper oxide shows as black when the bed
needs recharging.  Passing hydrogen, or more safely 5% hydrogen in
nitrogen over the hot bed reduces the oxide andd regenerates the bed. 
PLEASE note the explosion hazard in this method, though we never had
that happen.  

	SRBs are also touchy to some media components.  Reserve the ingredients
to use only for this purpose, make the media exactly the same way each
time, keep a record of which bottle you used for each component for each
batch of media.  This way once you get a batch to work, you can
(hopefully) do it again.  

	You should read everything you can get on anaerobic technique.  Search
for the names Balch and Hungate as authors or in titles.  Go back (I
think) to the 60s.  These techniques are best learned by
apprenticeship.  Find someone in your town who does anaerobic technique
and ask to visit their lab.  You will learn much very quickly.  

	Good luck!

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