Eternal Life Device Invented. Stop Aging completely. true

Ken Seldeen seldeen at
Fri Apr 18 23:53:58 EST 1997

> >> This is the inventor of Eternal Life replying.  I did indeed invent
> the >> thing. 
>   If we did not die of "natural" causes, the mutations of our DNA, as
> accumulated over a "lifetimine" (by U.V. light, chemical and physical
> factors and general bad living)  would begin to be transcribed and
> expressed there-by causing our demise via cancer or some other genetic
> decrepancy (99.99999.....% of mutations to our DNA are rarely beneficial
> (at best ) and are more often lethal (DOWNS SYNDROME, SICKLE CELL
> ANEMIA, ...etc) . 

In his defense, let me just say, that if his product X, did work, and we
became eternally youthful, then we would have a far better resistance to
these diseases based on a higher t-cell count. T-cells would wipe out most
of the cancers, which as t-cell amounts decrease with age, incidents of
cancer increase. So I have full faith in Alex Chui's Miracle eternal Life
machine, but for freakin 25 dollars, he can forget about it...Geeez

Ken Seldeen
seldeen at
Scientific AmeriKen!!

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