Recurring Infection - Streptococcus Beta-Hemolytic Group A

A Netizen slow at
Mon Apr 21 23:40:09 EST 1997

Five months ago, my wife had to go to the emergency room.  It appeared
got a bite on her wrist and it became infected.  The infection could be
going up the veins in her inner arm.  They gave her an IV then sent her
home with antibiotics.  They said it looked like a spider bite.

Just several weeks back, the same thing happened.  This time she got a
small cut on her smallest finger.  It got infected and again the
infection spread
up her outer arm.  This time, the emergency room doctors identified the
cause of
the infection - Streptococcus Beta-Hemolytic Group A. She took

Could someone point me to a Web reference or book for this bacteria? 
What is
this bacteria and what side effects and other illnesses might it cause?

Also, has anyone ever heard of these recurring infections?  I'm afraid
it is
going to happen to her again.



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