Help required with Sulphate-reducing bacteria

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> Does anyone know how to successfully sub-culture Sulphate-reducing 
> from agar shake (Postegate's medium E) isolation to broth or agar 
plates of the
> same medium?
> My e-mail address is:-     nick.parham at
> Thankyou for your help,
>                        Nick Parham
Hi Nick,
Not tried this myself but I could make a guess that the broths and 
plates have a tendency to be more oxygenated than the shakes that were 
originally used. Could you try keeping the broths and plates under 
anaerobic conditions immediately after preparation until needed. If they 
get aerobic (never mind the chemical "buffers") then you could have 
problems with "lurkers" from the shake cultures that were simply waiting 
for more congenial conditions.
Peter Harris,
Department of Soil Science,
The University of Reading. U.K.
AKA <P.J.Harris at>

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