Eternal Life Device Stop Aging completely.

Mog mog at
Wed Apr 23 15:54:22 EST 1997

Ken Seldeen wrote:

> >   If we did not die of "natural" causes, the mutations of our DNA, as
> > accumulated over a "lifetimine" (by U.V. light, chemical and physical
> > factors and general bad living)  would begin to be transcribed and
> > expressed there-by causing our demise via cancer or some other genetic
> > decrepancy (99.99999.....% of mutations to our DNA are rarely beneficial
> > (at best ) and are more often lethal (DOWNS SYNDROME, SICKLE CELL
> > ANEMIA, ...etc) .
> Just how long would it take for such a natural mutaion to occur that would become 

Assume a health individual with no defects at birth (wouldn't that be nice >:)
Due to a scientific miracle he/she has none of the normal signs of aging.

If mutations occur from what ever source <UV, minor viral infection, natrual 
mution in cell regeneration, ect> they would not occur through the entire body, 
they would be localised <just ignore a massive viral infection for this one>.

With todays medicin how long would it take for a human to develope a cancer, 
infection or other disease that could not be removed and would be fatal.

Now, if it takes that long for a human to die in todays medial world when aging is 
removed, estimate the state of medicin at that time and try to figure out how much 
longer it would take for a realy nasty disease to develop that even future medicin 
could not cure.

Any guesses?

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