Microbiological hazards of "whirling"?

Nancy Hamlett Nancy_Hamlett at hmc.edu
Fri Apr 25 13:08:54 EST 1997

I am a faculty member at small college, which has a tradition I find 
appalling.  Students who have a birthday, high-score an exam, or 
have otherwise notable achievements are "whirled".  "Whirling" 
consists of inverting the victim, sticking her his or head into the 
bowl of toilet and flushing the toilet.  This tradition is deeply 
ingrained in the student culture; however, our students are open to 
persuasion by objective data.  Does anyone have an data or know of 
any sources that might have data relevant to the microbiological 
hazarads of whirling?

Nancy Hamlett
Professor & Chair
Department of Biology 
Harvey Mudd College

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