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Tue Apr 29 04:15:10 EST 1997

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>To all the kind professional of this newsgroup:
>I'm graduating from high school this year and am extremely interested in
>becoming a microbiologist with special focus in virology.  My question to
>all of you is:   what should I be looking for with regards to college
>majors and job experiences to prepare me for study of this nature? 
>Jackie Killian-------  Maggy2Tone at

  For what it's worth, I am about to graduate from the University of Hawaii
with a BS in Microbiology, and I too am interested in pursuing graduate
studies in virology ( or maybe bacteriology, mycobacteria and vibrio are very 
interesting).  Anyhow, you may want to consider going with the microbiology
program, and try to get as much molecular biology/biochemistry in as 
electives as you can.  This will allow you to get a better feel for the
broader range of studies within microbiology.
  Most college microbiology departments offer only introductory virology
at the undergrad level, but you will find it challenging enough to decide
whether or not this is the field you want to pursue.
  As far as job experiences is concerned, there are usually excellent 
opportunities for undergrad work-study as lab assistants within the college 
  Anyhow, this is only my opinion, but I hope it helps you out.  Best of luck 
with whatever academic/career choice you make.

Mike Parks

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