Microbiological hazards of "whirling"?

TOBIAS HARVEY TEWS tt96ad at badger.ac.brocku.ca
Wed Apr 30 21:45:43 EST 1997

Nancy Hamlett (Nancy_Hamlett at hmc.edu) wrote:
: I am a faculty member at small college, which has a tradition I find 
: appalling.  Students who have a birthday, high-score an exam, or 
: have otherwise notable achievements are "whirled".  "Whirling" 
: consists of inverting the victim, sticking her his or head into the 
: bowl of toilet and flushing the toilet.  This tradition is deeply 
: ingrained in the student culture; however, our students are open to 
: persuasion by objective data.  Does anyone have an data or know of 
: any sources that might have data relevant to the microbiological 
: hazarads of whirling?

: Nancy Hamlett
: Professor & Chair
: Department of Biology 
: Harvey Mudd College

Yes, the toilet is just teaming with bacteria etc.  After all, what do 
you think feces has a main portion of?  Though, urine is sterile.
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