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At 03:18 AM 7/31/97 GMT, Idro Yoga wrote:
>Idro Yoga is a very simple and pleasant method
>for increase all components of the human life.
>Idro Yoga is a efficacious method to fight against the death,
>and against the ageing.
>Idro Yoga is also a method for cure body and mind.
>Idro Yoga is a fast method for to get more beauty.
>And finaly, Idro Yoga is a stile of life, a chance to forget the
>incapacity, powerless, impotence.
>Idro Yoga use the power of water: the "Prana" of water.
>The method is a outcome of fusion between technique and science of
>Hatha Yoga, 
>Meditation and Hydroterapy. As result Idro Yoga is a unique method 
>completely approachable and recommended for any west and modern
>If you want to Know more go to:

Will Idro Yoga help somebody learn a language correctly? I already have doubts.

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