mycoplasmal incognitus with gp120

ric ric at
Sat Aug 2 16:20:42 EST 1997

I recently came across some information on mycoplasmal incognitus and
how it has DNA incoding for retroviral gp120 .  Is it common for a
bacteria to pick up genetic code from a human virus?  It seems that a
large amount of gulf war/ HIV/ chronic fatigue sydome patients are
infected with this organism.  There has been allot of talk about this
microbe being a product of genetic engienering.  I wounder what the
likelyhood of this is?

drew In article <33e0a4a2.992462 at>,
dmartin at wrote:

Please inform me of any information regarding this vector theroy.I often
believe that our experiments include variables which can go undetected. We
need to find ways to experiment and at the same time control the
microorganisms within the lab. These potential pathogens can in theroy
develope without out our knowledge.
Please contact me, I'm really interested in these areas of biological
(piggyback) evolution.



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