Re; Microbiology in general

Wed Aug 6 06:32:06 EST 1997

Hi!  I'm a professor of Microbiology at Millersville University in
Pennsylvania, so maybe I can help give you some insight.

First, can you tell me a little about yourself?  How old are you?  Are
you in high school?  What kind of classes have you taken, and how did
you do in them?

To say you want to study microbiology doesn't give much information.
The field is extraordinarily broad, and encompasses bacteria, fuingi
and yeasts, and viruses.  Not only that, but there is environmental
micro, industrial micro, medical micro, etc. to consider.  Do you have
any particular interests?

Let me know.

Jay Mone'  PhD

PS  I tried to email you directly but couldn't.

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