Gilbert Groehn ultramedco at worldnet.att.net
Thu Aug 7 12:50:48 EST 1997


        ULTRAMED,INC. is interested in purchasing preowned
ultrasound and echocradiography equipment for export to our
overseas clients.

        We need older equipment that would be considered
obsolete for diagnostic use in the USA but will be highly
appreciated in many third world areas.   We have an
immediate need for vascular ultrasound equipment (with
imaging and duplex doppler) and general purpose units such
as the ATL Ultramark-IV series,  IREX XL and Apogee,
BIOSOUND GENESIS II and ALOKA portable units.

        We are also interested in purchasing all types of
cardiology, neurology and general diagnostic equipment such
as; EKG's, Defibrillators, EEG's, EMG's, Evoked Potential
Systems, and misc.

        We are not brokers and purchase for our own account.
We make all pickup and shipping arrangements and our offers
are immediate and for cash if we can use your equipment.

        Please email us complete details on what you might
have available and include your daytime phone number.  We will
call you or email an offer.

        Gil Groehn, General Manager
        ULTRAMED, INC.
        (313) 884-1139
        EMAIL:  ultramedco at worldnet.att.net


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