Freezing and salmonella?

nospam dahd dahd at
Mon Aug 11 13:27:29 EST 1997

In article <33EDD94C.6D62 at>, Bob Mulroy <rmulroy at> says:
>I was surprised to find that a breeder of large herps was still feeding
>them chicken even after all the scare on salmonella.  He said that 
>salmonella was killed by deep-freezing, (3 days at -20 C) and wouldn't
>be a problem.  
>        Is salmonella killed under such conditions?
Bacteria are remarkably resistant to freezing.  Years ago I was taught
that the formation of ice crystals during the freezing process killed
bacteria, and in theory this is correct.

My experience through 30 + years has taught me that many bacterial cultures
can be readily preserved by doing  merely putting them in
the deep freezer.

I'd not pay much attention to the claim that that freezing killed the

Similarly, I'm not sure I'd be overly concerned about feeding chicken
to reptiles (I assume that is what you mean by large herps??).

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